Middle Sister

July 26-27, 1975

We left Eugene at 7:00 a.m. and drove to Frog Camp, where after talking to the ranger and being told that half the trail to Sunshine, all the Sunshine area, and everything from there up was under snow, we started hiking at 10:00 for Arrowhead Lake where we were told about 50 people were already camped. We left our packs at Scott Camp and climbed up the cliff to the lake and were surprised to find plenty of water and no campers. Back to Scott Camp for packs and back to the lake where the ten in our group set up for the night with no company. Sunday morning we started climb at 8:15. Reached summit at noon. After lunch and rest, started back for camp at 1:00. Rested and packed up for an hour and got back to cars at Frog Camp at 5:30.

On this trip: Jim Anderson Jr., Chuck Haddad, Wayne Hatch, Lee Hatch, Greta Johnston, Glenn Meares, Cindy Meares, Barbara Mickel, Lois Templeton, Tom Rhodes. Leader, Lee Hatch.

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