South Sister

July 4-6, 1975

We left Eugene in three cars, with 12 climbers at 7:00 a.m. July 4th. After driving to Bend to pick up four Mazamas, and a quick cup of coffee, we went on to the head of Fall Creek trail and started for Green Lakes at 11:30 with clear skies and warm weather. After about ½ mile we lost the trail under the snow and went the next 5½ miles on hard pack snow. We set up camp at the lakes on bare ground beside the lake outlet, which was the only bare ground except for that used by the 6 or 8 campers already there. After getting settled for the night the fireworks started. About 11:00 p.m. the wind and the lightning started and we had huge flashes of sheet lightning and strong wind for a couple of hours, but no rain. Started climb at 8:45 a.m. Sunday. Summit at 2:30—quick lunch because of strong wind and back to camp after a day of perfect weather, great snow sliding and wonderful group of mostly young climbers, who were: Jim Anderson, Ruth Bowman, Chuck Haddad, Lee, Wayne and Brian Hatch, Steve Healy, Greg Heppner, Elmer Johnson, Greg Johnson (not climbing), Sam Miller, Tom Rhodes, Parker Riddle, Sally Stokes, Jeanne Thurman, John Uhrhamner, Lee Hatch, Leader.

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