Mystery Ski Trip

April 27-28, 1974

The mystery was Lakeview Mountain which overlooks Odell Lake. This is a fine ski trip for the novice or intermediate; not too far, not a long hard grind up an endless slope, yet difficult enough to know that you have done something and also extremely rewarding.

There were six of us on this trip. We left the railroad tracks at Crescent at 11:30. Taking a leisurely pace we were at Fawn Lake by 3:00. This gave us time to set up camp and do a little downhill sliding. The weather seemed threatening but the next morning was bright and clear. We were away from camp by 7:30. With Paul leading a lively pace we were on top of Lakeview Mountain in a little over two hours. With the bright clear weather, Diamond showed in all its splendor. Although not as high as some of our other peaks, Diamond seems to be more massive.

Aside from the two hour rush to the top, it was a leisurely trip. We had time to enjoy the view, identify the peaks, down hill ski and observe a couple of ospreys in their nest along the trail. We were back at the railroad by 3:30.

Again, I submit a favorable word for spring snow camping. It is an excellent time of year for camping. No bugs, no skeeters, no need to be hot, thirsty or dusty. Furthermore, it is one time of year you can have the country to your self. Spring camping is not like trying to survive in a snow cave above timberline. In spring the weather is usually much better and the days are longer—longer than at Labor Day. With modern light-weight equipment it is not difficult to be comfortable without lugging every thing but the kitchen sink. Snow lovers were: Brian Hall, Jack Nitzel, Steve Northrop, Doug Stewart, Paul Orum, and leader Marriner Orum.

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