Pengra Pass

March, 1974

It was a difficult trip into Odell lake (Boy! Cold we’ll bet. Ed.) because the trail was icy and I personally spent as much time falling down as I did skiing. However, it was a beautiful warm day and we had a good view of Diamond and Yoran.

We ate lunch at Odell Lake and after spending time sun-bathing and skiing around and exploring, we had an easy trip back to the cars. Summer in Oregon was on March 24th this year. Hiking into the lake were: Chuck & Louise Berkey, Debbie & Maude Caldwell, Niels Christiansen, Tim Cook, Shelly Curry, Rick Freeman, Dorothy Hayes, Man Wai Lau, Dorothy & Janice Leland, Marie Mulholland, Merle Traudt and the leader was Dorothy Hayes.

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