Yapoah Lake

September 8, 1974

A very delightful trip and the credit can be laid to the fact that there were so many delightful people. A slight chill at the summit of the pass indicated that fall was not far away. We took the new trail high above North Matthieu Lake and stopped for a snack soon after at South Matthieu. While two industrious compass map readers were at work figuring how to find Yapoah Lake, the leader kept discreetly behind hoping no one would find out that he didn’t know the way to the lake. Very soon we came upon a well used trail and followed it to the most beautiful lakeside scenery that could be imagined. High winds on the ridge overlooking the lakes, the craters and the jagged peaks prevented us from tarrying long, so we descended to the cars, watching small vortexes form in the clouds, indicating rain, which was to come during the night. On this one: Duchess Cox, Ron Golan, Ray Mikesell, Theresa Nutt, Anne Montgomery, Lois Schreiner, Paul Seeman, Karen Siedel, Lin Trombley, Bob Walden and Bob Cox ldr.

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