Fawn Lake

September 7, 1974

Fawn Lake (near Crescent Lake). A good time seemed to be had by all! Beautiful weather with a shaded trail rising gently to the lake overlooked by Red Top and Lakeview Mountains. During the long lunch break, Parker, Velma and Bob explored the trail to Pretty Lake; the Chos, Meyers and Gloria gyrated across the lake by raft and Ted Stern disappeared to fish. The hike out was funned-up with litter gathering, the largest can, oldest piece, etc, getting the most acclamation. Also, atop a dead tree we spied a large (Osprey??) nest. On the trail were: Bob Capron, Parker Riddle, Marge Lindholm, Ting Lee & Ytania & Tenna Cho, Ted Stern, Beverly & Tori Meyers, Velma Shirk and leader Gloria Hanan.

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