Irish Mountain

August 25, 1974

Left town at 7:30 in two cars, nine people in all. Arrived at Skookum Creek campsite at 9:45. Put on boots and light packs started up the Ermabelle Trail, branched off to Otter Lake and stopped to spray mosquitos, the first of several times. We soon were on the uphill grade going slow slow, but steady. This is a long uphill grade. By noon we were inside the Sisters Wilderness Area traveling down a ridge. At 12:30 we stopped for lunch on a rocky outcrop and by 1:00 we were traveling again. We passed our first tiny lake and arrived at another scenic outcrop where you can see Waldo Lake, Diamond Peak, Thielsen and other interesting points south. We went on to a small glade where there are signs of glacial action on the bed rock of the area. Then we went on as far as two small unnamed lakes that are side by side across the trail. It is now 3 p.m. and after a vote decided to turn back. We were still more than a mile from the top of the mountain. We had three botanists along who found many small flowers to photograph and discuss, there were even some species that they hadn’t found before, so the return trip became sort of a field trip in botany, touching on what was grass or what was not, sort of a “Botanical Family Tree” identification lesson. I’m sure several of us picked up some surprises and hopefully some knowledge too. Arrived at camp again after five and soon were on our way back down the hill to Eugene, Mostly tired. And on this trip with Merle Traudt, the leader were: Mary Bridgeman, Ken Hixon, Linda Kristensen, Ken & Robin Lodewick, Thersa Nutt, Lois Schreiner and Paul Seeman.

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