Lava Lake to Frog Camp

August 24, 1974

We left Eugene and drove to Lava Lake leaving one car at Frog Camp. We started on the Pacific Crest Trail at 9:30 and followed it to junction with Obsidian Trail. Beautiful fall day with blue sky. Took a slow and lazy pace, stopping often for great views as far as Mt. Adams. Meadows now in full bloom with Indian Paint Brush, Heather etc., making a great show.

After sunning and foot cooling at Sunshine we decided to go on to Obsidian Falls and down Obsidian Trail to White branch Creek. Much of the area between Sunshine and Falls still covered by snow. Arrived at Frog Camp 6:30. Too bad only four people elected to enjoy the great weather, beautiful views of mountains and flowers, plenty of fresh cold water and no sing of mosquitos. Those that did enjoy this day were: Bill McLead, Paul Seeman, Bill Joneschild and the leader Lee Hatch.

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