Tidbits Lookout

August 4, 1974

The group of nine people left the cars at 10:00 a.m. on a warm clear but somewhat smokey day. About 1½ miles up the trail Dennis Adkins developed a stomack ache. We left him with Helen Lynch and made our way to the top, arriving at 12 noon.

The haze obscured Mt. Hood and Diamond Peak, but the mountains from Jefferson to Bachelor were visible.

We stayed on top about ¾ of an hour then went down to the old shelter in the saddle. There we met the two missing members. We all had lunch there and enjoyed the many rhododendrons in bloom. We saw many other flowers on the trail including Washington Lilies and Bear Grass.

Those getting to the top were David Adkins, Bob Capron, Dorothy Hayes, Will & Barbara Ross, Jan Stiers and the leadman, Alvin Lynch.

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