Obsidian Loop

August 3, 1974

Wanted: One snowplow for use in the high country. Due to late and heavy snows, much of the Obsidian Loop is covered this year with snow. However we did have a nice trip not seeing the flowers (except for a few pasque flowers coming up on the edge of the few openings) the Obsidian (except for a few small pieces) Sisters Springs (still under a small snowbank) and a few other nice things. However Obsidian Camp is in the “Banana belt,” being free of snow in the main camp area. Obsidian Falls looks nice surrounded by snow if you can stand on snowbank across from it long enough to look. No trail report is included because what trail we did see was real good; the rest we either didn’t see or were not on (which we cannot tell). Also it was hot and we did find a few lakes and ponds where there never have been before (usually in the middle of the trail) as well as a few new creeks, several quite large also in the trail. Did some skiing on the seat of our pants. Lots of people camping or coming in, including Outward Bound kids having a ball. On this one were: David Adkins, Robin Lodewick, Evelyn and Herbert McCornack, Ra1ph Nafziger, Robert Walden and leader Kenneth Lodewick.

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