Sourgrass Mountain

July 27, 1974

This was another substitute trip to a mountain in the Fall Creek area. This mountain is a little over 4700 ft. in elevation and completely free of snow. It has a very large area on top where Bear Grass is blooming along with Tiger Lilies and other flowers. It also has a very good view of Diamond Peak to the left and to the right we saw Lookout Point Dam. The trail is an abandoned section of the old Alpine Trail. It starts out in a cutting area, then through timber, another cutting area and timber again. We were a party of eight and with cutting tools we did a very good job of cutting back brush thus exposing a good trail tread. The following people were with Helen Smith, leader: Mary Bridgeman, Peter Cecil, Chuck Haddad, Marshall Pallet, Barbara Ross, Will Ross and Virginia Wiles.

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