Coast Fork & Row River Bike Tour

July 7, 1974

Joe Walicki and Dave Cohen bicycled along side the east banks of the Willamette River Coast Fork and Row River to Row River Road two miles southwest of Cottage Grove on Sunday, July 7. The pedaling pair returned to Eugene mainly on west bank roads to complete a 42 mile round trip begun at 9 a.m. from S.E.H.S. parking lot at E. 19th and Patterson and ended at 5:30 p.m.

Weather was mild and mainly sunny with one sprinkle in early p.m. after lunch. The ride occurred on one of those many unseasonably cool early summer days. But the sun shone britely and warmly for our noon-time lunch break at the edge of the rippling Row River waters off Delight Valley Road. It was ideal for bicycling and lunching.

Joe works for the Wilderness Society and so is interested in and deals with many outdoor and conservation groups. We had ample time and good opportunity for much talk on outdoor activities and clubs. Joe has some good ideas on ways to bolster club membership, even in these days of individually-oriented hikers who seek the often elusive freedom of do-it-alone or do-it-my-way activities.

Three no-shows signed up for this one. When reached by phone at 9 a.m., their different explanations; “a bad cold, cough cough,” “seeing friend off to join the navy” and lastly a mere “changed my mind.” But it was nice to have five persons sign up for a bike ride.

Here is the trip route: 20th Ave. University and Potter with skyline view of City, W. Amazon, up, up and up and over and down, down, down Dillard Rd. (with good views of City and countryside) to Hiway 99, Dale Kuni Rd. past Emerald Valley Club and Creswell Airport, Sears and Delight Valley Roads to Row Road Road, all thru the countryside with its many fields and pastures and grazing horses, cattle and sheep, often near roadsides. We partly retraced east bank route and crossed over I-5 onto Saginaw on the west side of the Coast Fork to 99, Davidson and River Drive Road, nearly at waters edge, Dale Kuni and 99 into Goshen and the cafe for a much needed ½ hour snack and rest stop. Cafe policy still is to hassle any with a pack but we stayed because we needed to and had been looking forward to a treat. Otherwise we would have moved on to a more friendly spot and kept our pack inside with us.

Refreshed by rest and calories we sped 99 to 30th Ave. where we split because ed Joe could pedal non-stop up this steep one, while 3-speed Dave had to walk the last mile. But it was fun flying down 30th onto Amazon-Parkway and home—at last to get off the bike seat until next day. The pedaling pair— Joe Walicki and Dave Cohen—leader.

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