Bohemia Mtn.

July 4, 1974

Wanted: One snowplow. Found: one mountain bluebird. This trip was planned to drive to Bohemia Saddle and hike to the top of Bohemia Mtn., returning via Bohemia City and Music Mine. That is not the way it went. Snow blocked the road 1½ miles east of Bohemia Saddle, so we walked the extra distance on the road, total three miles. Did not make it to the top of the mountain, snow on the trail. Could not go down from the Bohemia Saddle picnic area because of snow. However, a party of 20 did walk about six miles, 1½ up the road on mainly clear road between the two big drifts in nice pleasant weather with lots of flowers along the way.

Then up the mountain until we hit snow (just over a mile up) and a nice place, back down the mountain, down the road to the upper Music Mine road and to Bohemia City and the mine. Then out the lower (electric tramway) road and back to the cars. . A number of questions were asked about the Club, so we tried to answer them and got four requests for membership as noted. Best hiker of the day: Mike Moore, age 5, who walked the whole way without a complaint and with a pack, and thanked us for the trip afterwards. And with the non-complainer were: Marie Crawford, Tim Brinton, Kris Brooks, Doris & Robert Dezur, Kenneth Hixson, Stephan Hutchinson, Donnie & Ken & Mike Moore, Theresa Nutt, Bob & Maureen Olsen, Phyllis Treiner, Jeanette Overholser, Lois Schreiner and Leaders Ken & Robin Lodewick.

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