Black Butte

June 30, 1974

The wonderful music of the birds, cicadas, crickets, bees, marmots mixed in with an abundance of wild flowers provided a beautiful symphony as we enjoyed a sweeping view of the snow capped Cascades in all their regal splendor. There was a cooling breeze on top so we stayed longer than originally planned. The fire tower (manned by Susie and Jim Shotwell) sways approximately six inches in a breeze and the Forest Service prefers that visitors stay off for obvious reasons. This is a good conditioning climb if you start at the trail head which begins at the foot of the butte and certainly is aesthetically rewarding in all respects. Upon descent, we all drove over to the spring, which is the headwaters of the Metolius River and had ourselves some nice cool drinking water (beautiful view of Mt. Jefferson from this spot too). I sent Susie and Jim Shotwell (the couple that man the fire tower) our trip schedule as they may be able to join us on some snow shoe trips this coming winter. They plan to be in Eugene area at this time. A good trip with good people. And on the trip were David & Dennis Adkins, Al and Theresa Gamache, Barbara Manderscheid, Charlotte Mills, Merle Traudt, Dorothy Turner and leader Parker Riddle.

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