Gordon Meadows

June 15, 1974

This trip was re-scheduled for June 15 due to heavy snow remaining in the area in May. We used the old Gordon Meadows trail (re-opened last fall after being abandoned for several years). The trail begins in logging unit 3 off road 1348 near Cascadia. The four miles to the meadow included an obstacle course of windfall trees, some snow and some wet areas in the meadows. The highlight of the trip was finding the old Hyatt Shelter at the edge of the big meadow. The shelter is extremely picturesque but it needs extensive repairs to preserve it (new mud sill, ride poles, shake siding and roof shakes.) The eight mile round trip hike along Falls Creek to the meadows was made by Wilbur Groner, Helen Smith, Merle Traudt, Ted Stern and leader Wes Prouty.

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