Gibralter & Little Cowhorn

June 1, 1974

Beating the bush up onto Gibralter and then doing Little Cowhorn through the hot parts of the day plus somebody eating some lunch at various intervals (seemingly most of the time) our trip was a joy. This group was blessed with a beautiful day and a grand view of the snow covered mountains from “Jeff” to Diamond.

Then the “Joker in the Deck” was a clean-up job at the Little Cowhorn Lookout building and the immediate yard area. This effort was originally promoted by Helen Smith and Mary Bridgeman.

The work included as follows: Removed shutters, dry scrubbed, dusted and swept the building, cleaned yard area (a mess as a result of a re-roofing job.) There is another chapter of this effort and you will hear more of this later.

Then on the way down from Little Cowhorn a part of the group tagged a suggested route to re-establish the lower part of the trail. However the Lowell Forest District has in mind a more extensive route which seems very suitable. Later we are to converse further with Mr. Wilt and from this one or another of the routes will be worked upon and we hope to bo able to help.

The Lowell Ranger District office, according to Mr. Wilt, will check out this suggested route.

Laborers were David Atkins, Mary Bridgeman, Rich Freeman, Dorothy Hayes, Chuck Haddad, Clarence Johnson, W.K. Joneschild, Elaine Jefferson, Helen Smith, Barbara Stiles, Merle Traudt, Paula Vehrs, Thelma Watson. The leader Clarence Landes.

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