Humbug Mountain

May 26, 1974

After breakfast at Humbug State Park or at the motel restaurant a congenial group on a bright blue day climbed flower-filled pastures to an ocean view from the ridge. We followed the sheep trail under the grand fir, past monkey flowers that lined a trickle of water in the rocky draw. A steeper slope led to lunch just below the 1800 foot summit about noon. While Jennie napped a group followed a well brushed-out trail from the top of the pasture to the true summit.

Dropping down through pastures toward the distant beach we checked such wonders as sheep skulls, wild cucumbers (bitter), and the gopher burrows that hide under small mounds of dirt.

Once on the sand we cooled our feet—and a few of us cooled a little more when the surf swished shoreward.

The lead party of teenage boys had ample time to fortify the beach with a solid driftwood stockade complete with pole and a bright flag fashioned from a yellow plastic bottle. Their elders retired to the fort for refuge from the blustering beach wind during afternoon snack break.

After a final mile of beach trudging, carrying treasures of driftwood and dragging 20 foot bull-whips of kelp we straggled to the waiting car for the ride back to our starting point. Said a newcomer, “I thought it strange that you planned to drive back from a hike, but now I see why!” Making up this party: Diane & David & Denise Blyce, Jennie & Jane Flanagan, Joe & Mare King, Beverly Sonoda, Ross McFadden, Marta Saltzman, Theodore Stern, Dick Wicklund, Kelly & Mike & Steve & Freeman Wicklund, Ruth & Tom & Paula & Mary & John Bascom with John the leader.

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