Coast Bicycle Trip

May 25-27, 1974

This was a day bicycle trip on Memorial Day weekend. The tour was via Smith River Road over the Coast Range. It goes through the Oxbow Burn area and is often called the Oxbow Road.

The 13 cyclists left the Lane County Fairgrounds at 9 a.m. Saturday under an overcast sky. We were all prepared for rainy weather and our “pummies” (bike saddle bags) bulged with rain gear. By the time we got to Crow Hi-School the sun was out. Some optimist brought suntan lotion and saved much burning.

The Oxbow Road has three mountain passes of at least 2½ miles each that we had to climb over on our 10-speed bikes. They were tough and every hill after those was “no sweat”. We spent the night at Vincent Creek Recreation area approximately 55 miles from Eugene.

The next day we rode on to Gardner where we bought more provisions. Sunday night we camped at Siltcoos Outlet Camp. Walked to the beach. Played hide and go seek and got bitten by no-see-ems. This leg was about 45 miles.

Monday we battled the Memorial Day traffic going home from the beach. Along Hiway 126, (route F) 500 Campers must have passed us. Stopped at Gingerbread House for brunch. Created quite a scene—like people had never seen bicycles before. Last leg through Florence, Noti, Crow and to Eugene was about 65 miles. Bikers were: Kym Kirk, Kevin McCornack, Annette & Glenn Miller, Kevin & Steven McManigal, Alice Moffitt, Chris & Paul & Marriner 0rum, Mike Roberts, Marrianne Sandstrom and leader Richard Moffitt.

(I have been told that on bike trips led by Richard Moffitt that one does not have to stay at home because perhaps in need of dental work. Dick carries tools to handle anything that may arise. And also have been told that one should take along complete dental care kits of dental gloss and toothbrushes unless wanting to get bawled out by him. Ed.) [Bob Medill]

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