Wendling Bike Trip

May 19, 1974

The day before the trip was rainy, so this put doubts in the minds of the sensible people. So the turnout was rather small. We left from Alton Baker Park at 9:00 a.m. We took off through the bike trails through Springfield to Hayden Bridge where we picked up Mrs. Moffitt. It was kind of a cold day so we had a cup of cocoa when we arrived at Mrs. Moffitt’s house. From there we continued on out Mohawk, where we climbed a few rolling hills. We stopped at Mohawk store for some goodies and a breather. Then we continued on out to Wendling where we ate lunch on the Georgia Pacific Tree Farm. Wendling isn’t really a town anymore, although it’s marked on maps. There is an old mill site which was once very prosperous. After resting up we started home again and arrived back in town at 6:00 p.m. On the trip: Sally Bethel, Rose Marie Moffitt, Kevin McManigal, Susan Spitler and me the leader Alice Moffitt.

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