McKenzie View Drive Loop

May 12, 1974

We met at Alton Baker park and went back on bike path to Autzen Stadium, where we cut over to Centennial, went out Garden Way, Harlow Rd. and Gateway to Armitage Park, where we waited for half of our party to catch up after repairing a flat. We had a few snacks and started along McKenzie View Dr., the 5-speeds struggling up the hills while the 10-speeders waited smugly at the top.

Bernice kept chasing away the showers by putting on her poncho. Back on Hill Rd. to Hayden Bridge. Tried to crash the gates at the filtration plant hill to see the view, but no luck. Back along Hayden Bridge Rd. to Moffitts for rest and recuperation. Part of the group remained here while others made their way back to Alton Baker Park with various stops along the way. Bikers, one and all were Bernice Field, Kevin & Steven McManigal, Alice & Bobby & Dick Moffitt, Suzie Spitler and the leader, Rose Marie Moffitt.

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