Finley Wildlife Refuge

May 5, 1974

We started our hike by watching swallows building their nests. They were busily flying to the marsh and back to the barn with mud. One bird inadvertently dropped his supply right smack on us!

Fred Seillemaker, the refuge biologist, was our guide and as we hiked along an eight mile loop we saw many different species of birds, plants, trees and wildflowers (lots of Iris.) While we were observing some birds in the waterfowl display pool a large flock of Canada geese flew overhead. Although they couldn’t fly, the geese on the water answered the call of the flock as they went by. Later we watched other flocks fly over the refuge as we were enjoying our lunch in the warm sunshine. We arrived back at Park Headquarters, got drinks of water, thanked Fred, rested a bit, then left for Eugene by 4:45. Sunny weather, nice people—good hike. On trip: Mary Bridgeman, Sharon & Victoria Gilman, Tim Cook, Gladys Grancorvitz, Ellen Houser, Beth Moursund, Bob Nordahl, Marriner Orum, Hazel Peck, Jon Thompson, Merle Traudt, Paula Vehrs, Ron Leland and Dorothy Leland, leader.

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