Deathball Rock

April 27, 1974

Left lot 8:35 in Lee Hatch pick-up and Rosboro crummy #14. Left Lee’s pick-up off Sq. Fork Rd. at foot of rock. Drove up to Kotsuh Butte Trail and parked. Up trail occasional fire scarred old growth firs and sugar pines. Phased into dense second growth stand about 150 years old from old fire. Many yellow violets, grouse flowers and pink orchids. One newly bloomed pure white orchid on trail. Up 1½ mile to Rosboro Road. Up road ½ mile to sharp ridge. Bushwacked down ridge to top of Basalt Cliff 200' several isoboldncks, male blue grouse hooting in tree on remote rock. Built small pitch fire to counter fog drip. Sun in McKenzie Valley below. View of Castle Rock, Blue reservoir, Saddle Pak Mt. and Lookout Ridge. Ate lunch. Duchess felt cheated. We were not going to the summit. She and Helen Smith did not want to descend steep, narrow crack in cliff. Ouch! They knew it was the only way back down rift on safety rope and around under beautiful overhang cliff, moss fern and sassifrage. Under un-named waterfall now Named “Duchess Shower”. Very steep side slope below. George Petfall and Michael Hawkins (non-members) extremely helpful in belaying Duchess in trick spots. Down open rock ridge to 25 year old logging. Many cull logs left in stream all mossy Pine and Alders. Two old landings overgrown. Found rusted broken choker. Down over-grown gravel logging road between 30' Alder and fire. Initial erosion all covered with duff. No logging restrictions then, but beautiful new forest exists. Back to Hatch pick-up and down the highway to home. Most wildflowers not yet in bloom due to late snows and weather. On this interesting trip were Mary Bridgeman, Duchess Cox, Brian & Lee Hatch, Michael Hawkins, Geo. Petfall, Karen Ripperda, Helen Smith and Merle Traudt. Dave Burwell was leader.

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