Mt. Pisgah

April 20, 1974

After leaving Eugene we took the Seavey Loop Road to the west entrance of the Howard Buford Recreation Area. Here we parked our cars at the caretakers parking lot and then started out on our two mile walk to the top of Mt. Pisgah.

Since the weather was damp and partly cloudy we didn’t stay too long on the top. Just long enough to get some good views of the surrounding area. After lunch Vic Martin of the Lane County Park Dept. took us on a three mile loop around the base of Pisgah. The meadows were soggy, but there were lots of wild flowers to enjoy. More than 25 species were identified. We also found large pieces of zeolite mineral along the way.

We arrived back at the cars at 2:30 and thanked Vic for the maps of the area and for answering our questions of the Park.

As one hiker mentioned “this is great to know about. Now we don’t have to always go up Spencers Butte for a close-in hike.” Enjoying this first hike up Pisgah on newly acquired Park Property were Duchess Cox, Karen & Melba Eckhoff, Barbara Floering, Gladys Grancorvitz, Barbara, Genee & Tiffany Hasek, Bill Joneschild, Man Wai Lau, Ron Leland, Randy & Ted Lettkeman, Vic Martin, Bob Nordahl, Steve Ellickson, Sheila Nickoli, Barbara & Will Ross, Emily Samms, Merle Traudt, Robt. Walden, Mike White and the leader, Dorothy Leland.

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