Stony Point

April 13, 1974

There were 23 hikers participating in this leisurely hike along BLM and IPC (Bureau of Land Management and International Paper Co.) logging roads. It was a beautiful spring day, although a haze in the distance kept view of the Cascades to a minimum. We had lunch on the top of Stony Point, where there used to be a lookout. Now there is much Scotch Broom. Observed along the way were a few wildflowers; lots of buds ready to burst open, chickadees, juncos, turkey vultures riding the warm air currents, drumming grouse and various mosses, lichen and fungi. Those hiking from Timber Ridge to Stony Point and back were: Kenneth Adams, Louise Berkey, Karen Billingsley, Maxine Flake, Duchess Cox, Belle Hendrickson, Faye Hill, Jane Inglis, John Lemay, Man Wai Lau, Clarence Landes, Dorothy Leland Ruth Nichois, Bob Nordahl, Don Payne and family, Wesley Prouty, Barbara Ross, Will Ross, Merle Traudt, Paula Vehrs and last but not least Clara Emlen, the leader.

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