Lava Caves

March 30-31, 1974

We left Eugene at 8 a.m. Sat. and regrouped in Bend where gasoline was available. Snow was encountered on the Pass making driving somewhat hazardous. Upon leaving Bend we explored Arnold Ice Cave, Charcoal #1, Wind, Bat and Boyd Caves then drove to Skeleton Cave where we had our evening meal and then took sleeping bags and gas lanterns well into the cave to a flat sandy area for a good nights sleep.

After breakfast on Sunday we met the Forest Service Girl in Bend and were escorted 45 miles south east to Lava Cycle Cave. This cave is locked and entrance is gained only with a guide. The stalactites with droplets of water sparkling like gold make the ceiling of the cave beautiful. However the various stalagmite formations, up to three feet high make this one of the most spectacular lava tubes in existence. After touring the cave we stopped 20 miles east of Bend where Merle Traudt pointed out Indian Petrogliphs. We arrived back in Eugene at 6 p.m. Being escorted were Don Payne, Clare Englebert, Allen & Margaret Gardner, Sharon & Tori Gilman, Keith Hatch, Gerry & Jyl Henrickson, Steve Johnson, Neal Kalez, Barbara Marshall, Wilma Moore, Allen & Susan Payne, Marianne Sandstrom, Merle Traudt with Frank & Wilma Moore leading.

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