Castle Rock

March 16, 1974

The day didn’t start right. First I was late leaving home. I had 21 signers; 16 finally went on the trip. I nearly left the sign-up sheet on my car bumper. We left with a gray overcast sky that could clear up: It didn’t. It was raining steady as we started up the trail, the trees sheltered us some; there were patches of snow at the trail-head and as we progressed onward the snow increased in depth, so with a steady slow drip from the trees and sky the snow was very wet and spongy. Also numerous small creeks were running full up. One creek we had to cross on a high foot log, which entailed some little “hand assistance”.

After about 2½ miles at the saddle, at the start of the steep grade, we took a vote and decided not to go on. The snow was about 13 inches deep and very wet. We were sinking in to our knees everyone was wet and cold, it was hard going, so we ate our lunch, changed socks, those who had dry ones along and turned back down the trail; also fog was closing in all around so you couldn’t see much anyway. We made better time back to the car where we started heaters and shed outside wet clothes and headed for home.

Ho Hum! We go on a snow shoe trip and have not enough snow, then we plan a hike and have too much snow and no snowshoes. You can’t win! On this trip were Louise Berkey, Clarence Landes, Mary & Glen Dour, Dave & Steve Ellickson, Barbara Floreing, Gladys Grancorvitz, Jim Lewis, Barbara & Will Ross, Helen Smith, Bonnie Thomas, Dorothy Turner, Robert Walden and Merle Traudt, leader. (The Editor wishes some one would set him right on the spelling of Barbara Floreing, Flooring, Floering, Three trip reports and spelled different on each report).

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