McKenzie View Drive

February 25, 1974

From Alton Baker Park we bicycled along Coburg Road to Armitage Park. We stopped here just long enough to pick a returnable bottle (3). Just across the bridge we turned right onto McKenzie View Drive. With the sun popping through some clouds it was warm enough for shirt sleeves. There’s always lots to observe along this six mile drive—views of the river and farms, many different wildflowers, birds and other wildlife. Where the McKenzie View Drive dead ends we turned right onto Hill Road, then right again onto Mohawk Road to Marcola Road where we ate lunch near the bridge. We cycled back through Springfield via Marcola Road, N, 5th, D streets, Garden Way and Day Island Road to the bikeway to Alton Baker Park. Only two Obsidians made this enjoyable trip: Wes Prouty and leader Clara Emlen.

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