February 16 Trip

February 16, 1974

Don’t know where they were headed, but it doesn’t matter. They didn’t get there. Here is the leaders report.

Because of snow on the Giustina Road we went up the Lost Creek Road three BLM mostly, then onto a new road across the headwaters of the three forks of the Lost Creek drainage—that is, we started across. (Note: This new road joins the Giustian Road at the saddle about ½ mile from the trail head #1400.) It started snowing (about 10 a.m.) at approx. elev. 2500 (heavy snow and hard winds) so by the time we travelled about another ½ hour the snowfall was near 2" (no snow there Friday noon). Some cars having trouble so we came back to Ash Swale Shelter for lunch, then after that 11 went up to Eagles Rest for the view, about 100 feet but a beautiful snow storm. Helen and Mary had done some cleanup at Ash Swale Shelter, including storing same wood inside.

However we were a little stingy in use of their “wood stash” so the fire was limited. These poor souls consisted of Mary Bridgeman, Dan Burke, John Christy, Mary & Leonard Dour, Linda & Mark Erickson, Rick Freeman, Chuck Haddad, Gerry Lee, Charlotte Mills, Helen Smith, Connie & Millard Thomas, Merel Traudt, Joyce Wolpert. The leader was Clarence Landes.

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