Threemile Lake

February 2, 1974

This trip might almost not have made it. Leader had been unable for days to buy gas. Finally decided to take a chance on three quarters of a tank. Nursed our way to Tahkenitch Lake Campground at around 40 MPH to save as much gas as possible for return trip. Other car, with full tank, brought up the rear. Campground now open in winter, day area only. Plenty of parking. Pit toilets available. 0.8 mile trail to sand dunes, then 1.5 hours hike south along vegetation line ’till we came upon a grassy “island” in the dunes with a snag or two on top directly in front of us.

Turned left (east) up a sand ridge and saw the beautiful lake below us. Built a fire with dry wood (most members brought a stick each), had lunch, kids horsed round till 2:30. Returned, stopped on way to pick up glass splinters from a bottle, apparently shot to pieces by some gun nut which were spread over the sand. Encountered several areas of Oregon quick sand. Heard faint roar of Pacific all the way in and out. Returned to cars by 4 p.m. Left for Pierpont Inn to enjoy dip in pool which was to have been arranged by Donn Chase. But word hadn’t gotten to receptionist, so we left and headed for Gingerbread House instead where we enjoyed friendly service and warm gingerbread with softice (soft ice). Nursed Jeep back home of Eugene. Had two passengers walk away without paying their share of gas money—which, if it happens many more times—will make one more driver unwilling to use his car and precious gas for Obsidian outings. Other than that the trip was perfect; congenial group, wonderful weather and few cars on the road. “On the Beach” were Mary Bridgeman, Leonard & Mary Dour, Jacki Dougherty, Karen Eckhoff, Glayds Grancorvitz, Peggy Keith, Vern Nelson, Bob Nordahl and the leader, Helmut Plant.

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