Spencer Butte

January 20, 1974

from Hendricks Park. Now that gas supplies are limited “close in” trips have a lot of merit. A climb of Spencers is always a good, short afternoon hike from the parking lot on the west side. The Butte can also be approached from other directions. To make the trip more interesting we lengthened the approach by about five miles and started from Hendricks Park. This year there were a few more NO TRESPASSING signs, so we took a little different route. Our trek took us through Hendricks Park, past Obsidian Lodge, across 30th St., along some old logging roads, past a water tank, through a residential area with loud barking dogs and up old Dillard Road, past another water tank (no one could prove that it was the same tank). We continued on New Dillard Road, along power lines, down across the head-waters of the Amazon and up to Fox Hollow road. We climbed the butte from the north. This approach from the north was a better route than was planned. Thanks to the Tepfers who guided us on this last leg of the journey. The trail is quite steep and is loner climb than the more familiar route from the parking lot. The morning clouds lifted by mid afternoon and we were greeted by sunshine and clear skies on top. On this trip were: Mary Bridgeman, John & Peter & Paul Cecil, Margit Castenholz, Gladys Grancorvitz, Clara Emlen, Clarence Landes, Joan Mezzco, Claudine & Kent Naffsiger, Wes Prouty, Bert & Sandford Tepfer, Merle Traudt and Margaret Weeks. Leader Marriner Orum.

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