Little Cowhorn L.O.

June 22, 1974

Every person on this trip needs a big gold star by their name for a job well done. We stopped at Lowell Ranger Station and picked up paint and miscellaneous supplies including two rubber water bags. Two cars went up but one was left at the saddle and the other one being Clarence’s truck we loaded supplies, people and rocks into it so that we could go up a steep, older road but closer to the trail-head.

We got ourselves and supplies on top about 11:30 a.m., and after a snack proceeded with the work which was to paint the L. O. It took us all afternoon, but we did a fine looking job. It turned out to be a brown stain which was rather drippy, but using drip cloth and wiping up quickly the deck is moderately well speckled. Clarence was the organizer, which, needless to say, made for a smooth working party. Shortly after noon Wesley Prouty, with a party behind him, paid us a visit. However he had been forewarned that we would be there, so was not surprised. Chuck Haddad did a good job of hunting up trash and carried two large bags full out. When we arrived back at the car the men loaded the full water bags on their backs and carried them back up the trail to the L.O. We are to wash the interior down with water and a detergent to get the mildew off the walls which will be done in the near future. This was a Forest Service Volunteer project of which they have several and was a good experience for the Club members.

The F.S. can no longer budget funds to maintain buildings of this nature which they do not use for administration purposes, so if we wish to see them remain as emergency shelters or sort of historical sites, we need to help maintain them.

The busy boos were Mary Bridgeman, Merle Traudt, Duchess Cox, Chuck Haddad, Clarence Landes, Charlotte Mills and Helen Smith leader even though Clarence Landes was the labor organizer.

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