New Years Party

December 31, 1974

The New Year was greeted by a small but a most enthusiastic group at the Lodge New Years Eve.

Gathered together by about 8:00 p.m. a most enjoyable evening was spent in games, judging in liars contest, costume get-ups, eating, and just good old fashioned visiting around a warm and friendly fire in the fireplace.

Much music from the piano played by Dorothy Medill was also enjoyed. Many stories of past times among the Obsidians were told and some of the most outlandish stories were heard in the Liars Contest, which was won by the Champion Liar—Bob Cox.

Bob Cox also entertained the party, like only Bob can, for almost an hour. Bob Medill won first place in the costume contest with his representation of the dance hall girls of the long ago. Myrtle Smith took second place dressed as Myrtle the Turtle. The costume judges did not have it easy as several others were outstanding, especially Art Johnson.

The evening was the result of Art and Lillian Johnson, Janice and Pat Pattison, Bob and Kay Cox, and Mary and Bailey Castelloe with Mary acting as M.C. Ray Sims, as he always does, was first man there and had the place opened up and warm. All in all it was a most enjoyable evening. The two dozen who came went home feeling very warm and with a good feeling in their hearts.

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