Christmas Party

December 14, 1974

A packed house is what is was and the decorations were just wonderful. Never has there been such a display of Christmasy air as was shown by Sue Riemer and her crew consisting of Myrtle Smith, Ruth Nichols and Paula Vehrs. A superb tree for the occasion was presented to the Obsidians by Marriner Orum and decorated by Merle Traudt.

Christmas music filled the air, due to the efforts of Hank Plant and Frank Riemer, by way of the tape recorder through the speaker system. After everyone had overeaten, the Tasting Table was given a going over with all the goodies made from foreign recipes. It proved quite a novelty and of much interest to all.

Genee Hasek gave us a couple of pieces on the piano followed by songs from Linda Zevenbergen accompanied on the piano by Dave Zevenbergen. Then singing by the group with Dave at the piano.

Santa had a rough time of it caused by the new rock wall. Santa thought that we had constructed a new and larger chimney and was going to come down that this time. He came down alright but not the way he thought he was going to. Santa said he was going to shave off his beard the next time around.

Edith Bridgeman and her gang did all the cleaning up in the kitchen and we all thank them for this, ordinarily rather dull job.

Roger Bridgeman made the beautiful wreaths hanging all around the room. If we have, and no doubt we have, omitted names of others involved in making this Christmas party what it was, we are most sorry.

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