Thanksgiving Dinner

November 28, 1974

Fifty people signed up for this event, but five either cancelled their reservations a day or two before the dinner, or just failed to show. And the usual five or six persons who show up for the dinner that fail to make reservations didn’t show up this year.

Two 21 pound (and one twelve pound) turkeys were served and delicious they were just done to a turn; one roasted by Mary Castelloe, one by Nellie Harmon and one by Dorothy Medill.

The tables were set up to form a T in the spirit of Thanksgiving or maybe the T stood for turkey. White linen table cloths were used and the decorations all done by Helen Weiser and Mary-Douglass Stovall and Gerry Fehly. And what decorations they were!!! Beautiful!

There was far more food than we could eat account of having 45 people instead of the 55 expected, but at that we took in clear enough to pay for the electricity above the cost of the turkeys and trimmings.

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