Walter Youngquist: “Our Changing Energy Base”

February 23, 1974

Walter Youngquist was the highlight of this program and all those who have not heard Walt talk on what he knows what he is talking about sure missed an educational and entertaining evening. It was most revealing in giving one a clear and informative insight into just what the present, and future, not only for our selves, but for the whole world. Around 70 to 75 persons attended, which was a very good turnout considering the transportation problems. And the credit goes to the speaker.

Decorations were most unusual and also most plentiful and represented a great deal of labor and imagination by Myrtle Smith and her helpers. We do not know who all the helpers were, but in evidence were Mary Castelloe, Mary-Douglas Stovall, Helen Weiser, Florence Givans, Mildred & Howard Horner and Dutchess Cox.

Clarence Landes had gone up earlier in the day making a fire in the fireplace & turning on the heat so that the place was real comfortable. Edith Bridgeman, Sue Riemer, Gerty Oswald and others did work in the kitchen for which we thank you all. Sometimes we feel that names should not be mentioned account of the fact that we are sure to miss some who have been unintentionally been omitted. All in all, it was a most rewarding evening and we sincerely thank Mr. Youngquist.

Mr. Youngquist was not hampered with commercials nor did he have a time limit so was able to, and did, give us a bonus over you who may have heard him speak over the air.

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