film: “Dammed Forever”

January 26, 1974

Some 50 people attended this evenings affair and added a layer of fat account of a sumptuous dinner somewhat better than the average pot-luck dinner.

Paula Vehrs’ pictures were above the average tourists pictures too. Her pictures, a great many of them, were taken, not of man made edifices so much, as of Australia in the out of the way places. The movie, “Dammed Forever” was all that the advance publicity gave. The great number of dams on the Snake, the Columbia and other streams and rivers of this drainage system staggers the imagination. And a lot of the dams have many builtin placements for generators that have never been put in. A great deal of labor and expense went into the making of the picture and one could easily see why it has won so many awards. Beautiful!

Eunice Mickle came all the way from Sweet Home for this event. And pussy-willows were also out at the Lodge, presumably for the same reason.

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