Mt. Thielsen

August 10-11, 1974

The party met at the trail-head parking lot near the south end of Diamond Lake. The manager of the next-door private trailer camp ground took offense at our plans to sleep and eat at the parking lot. He recommended we stay at camp grounds on the lake shore or move up the trail 300 yards to the beginning of the “Wilderness Area” beyond the service road. We moved up the trail. Part of the party was already down at the lake.

Up about 4:15 for moonlight breakfast and a good dawn start by 5:15. Thielsen interests me by its variety of climbing surfaces. Forest free of mosquitos and snow gave way to pumice, scree, conglomerate, dinner-plate, solid rock and finally the solid basalt pinnacle.

Thielsen also interests me by its effect on all first time climbers. The pinnacle looks like an unclimbable needle from the road—even to those who have been up it. As the route unfolds the unclimbable becomes easy which pleases all of us. All were at the summit by 11:00 except Lynn, who escaped attention as she sat contentedly at the saddle just below the summit. We were all back at the cars by 2:30 and some enjoyed a dip in Diamond Lake before the trip home. Those climbing were: Eric Banks, Tom Bascom, Arlen & Jan & Jerry & Wendy Dayton, Paul & Craig & Lynne & Scott Harrison, Dorothy Leland & Ron, Al Gamache, Jane Winter and leader John Bascom.

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