Mt. Jefferson

July 28, 1974

Left Eugene at 6 p.m. Friday, Arrived at trailed to Pamelia Lake and had our camp spots by 10. The party started up S.W. Ridge at 8 a.m. Stopped at 2:15 on a large flat snowfield on top of the ridge as near as we could tell we were just under 8000 ft. The party sunbathed, napped, visited, etc for the rest of the afternoon. Thunderheads had formed over the Sisters and other mountains to the south so we watched with concern as lightening played off those peaks. After rising at 2:20 Sunday we started on up the ridge at 3 a.m. reaching the red saddle at 5:30. The climb of the pinnacle took a little long because of the size of the party, but everyone made it up in good shape. We went around to the north side because of snow conditions and party size. After returning to our base camp at noon for lunch we retuned to Pamelia Lake where some took a dip and we were back in Eugene by 6:30 p.m. Sunday. I want to compliment each member of the party. It was a great group. 10 peak qualifiers were Cindy Bascom, Lee & David Hatch. On this climb were Eric Banks, Cindy Bascom Cal & Fran Crawford, Chas & Sue Dark, Dick Frankel, Mike Hahn, Dave & Lee Hatch, Glenn Meares, Parker Riddle, Rex Stevens and leader Bob Dark.

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