Three Fingered Jack

July 13, 1974

At something called 3 a.m. the alarm woke four Obsidians and three non-Obsidians for the beginning of the climb of Jack. By 4:30 the last of the not-so-fast-to-get-up-and-ready was up and ready and we started up the Pacific Crest Trail. In a half hour we picked up the other two members of the party who had gone in Friday afternoon and camped along the trail on an island of bare ground amid the snow. For the next six hours the party negotiated bare ground, snow, tree wells and hidden Forest Service blazes—but mostly lots and Lots of snow. By 10:30 we reached the crawl which was negotiated slowly and with out incident as a party of five Chemeketans approached from below. The next 1½ hours were spent getting everyone up to the summit, signed in and rappeled back down the saddle. As we re-negotiated the crawl, the Chemeketans caught up with us and in the spirit of good public relations our leader stayed behind to let them use our fixed line as the rest the party headed down to the snow line under the watchful eye of Parker Riddle. Going back to camp four of the party turned into horses heading back to the barn and split from the rest (with permission of the leader) while two not-so-fast members stayed behind with the Chemeketans. In due time the three in the middle arrived in camp only to find the rest of the party not yet there because of an apparent desire to take the scenic route out via Booth and Square Lakes—and followed the Chemeketans too. A long day, beautiful weather. A good climb, a good group. Parker Riddle, Lee & David Hatch, Dorothy Leland, Dave Zevenbergen, Chuck Haddad, Mel Wallis, Ken Ball and leader Bud Proctor.

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