Mt. Washington

June 30, 1974

Rendezvoused at Big Lake. Parked a safe distance from the church camp (they don’t welcome parked cars in their area) and started out over snow. Ate a noon snack on the North Ridge. Had an uncrowded trip up the pinnacle, everyone else was going down by the time we got there. Afternoon lunch on the summit. Beautiful weather and sunshine. Could see everywhere. Used radio control with walkie-talkies to coordinate the belay team with the “end of the rope” personnel at the bottom so there was no delay and shouting “off rope” etc. Could this be a “first” radio-controlled rappel descent? There was no snow on the pinnacle but plenty of it on the face. We had a steep, fast glissade. One of the best ever. Bushwacked straight back to the cars and home, all in one day. 14 radio controlled climbers were: Brian, David, Lee & Wayne Hatch, Steve Joll, Kevin & Rick & Steven McManigal, Alice & Bobby & David & Mary Ann Moffitt, Marianne Sandstrom and leader Dick Moffitt.

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