Mt. Hood

May 25-26, 1974

Camped Saturday night at Timberline.

Lee Hatch and sons stayed in the Lodge and we went swimming that night in the pool. Ken and Mitch Daletas and I stayed in Mitch’s Camper. Rained all night and it did not look favorable at all. At about 9,500 ft everything blew away leaving blue sky. A lab-St. Bernard cross dog belonging to Timberline made its way up to the top.

Things were very slow and frustrating in the chute, as ice was falling off the steel cliffs. Ice about 4' thick covered the cliffs. We reached the top in about eight hours, slow because we were held up by many other groups who were slow. Our party did quite well, except for one case of snow blindness which showed up a day later. Those climbing were Ken and Mitch Daletas, Brian, David, Lee & Wayne Hatch and Rick McManigal, leader.

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