Coburg Caves

February 24, 1974

To save gas we arranged three meeting places. Park blocks at 1:15, Armitage bridge at 1:30 p.m., and Bowerman gate to meet the leader (we used this route because of “NO TRESPASSING” sign at ranch gate leading to base of Old Baldy and the “Whale Rook”). The cemetery road and trail were very muddy, making it a slippery climb to the rock area.

Various forms of rappel and belay practice were used off a moderate rock just north of the high rock area. The leader heard the comment that waiting in line to rappel was almost as bad as waiting in a gas line (wait until they have to wait four hours on a mountain for a Mazama party some time!).

The only casualty was a banged knee by Charlotte Mills, when she and the leader bushwhacked around the south side of the caves. During the hike out beer drinkers with firearms were observed firing guns (prohibited in this area). They were stopped by representatives of property owner. This sort of thing could jeopardize use of the area by climbers and hikers. Leader suggests use of rock areas near other trails, for future practice, and use of climbing wall at club house when completed. Rappelers on this trip were Bert Ewing, Chuck Haddad, Brian & David & Lee & Wayne Hatch, Dorothy Leland, Charlotte Mills, Allen & Lenny Niems, Pete Stasney, Merle Traudt, Dave Zevenbergen and leader Wes Prouty.

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