Expo Bus Trip

September 11-14, 1974

The trip to EXPO ’74 in Spokane turned out to be one of those PERFECT weather trips, with everyone on time and all of the planning ahead went off without a hitch. We left Eugene on a Dorsay bus and changed at Salem to the Hamman Line and one of the finest drivers it has ever been our pleasure to have. “Mr. Henkle Sir” gave us a very smooth ride and it was unbelievable how he took that bus up the hill and around the almost impossible turns on the approach to Jefferson House.

We had two people who were unfortunate enough to be incapacitated but nothing more disastrous than having to miss at least one day at the Fair. The Fair was lovely, very interesting and the cleanest fairgrounds it has been our pleasure to see. There were 35 passengers including Paula Vehrs, who left after one day to visit her daughter in Saskatoon, Canada. We ate our lunches on the way to Spokane at the beautiful, clean, green park at what was once Celilo Falls and there were stops at other restaurants both going and coming for eating, stretching our legs and a little rest. Joe Silence from Bronson Travel was the trip manager and was anything but silent. He was happy cheerful, patient and had the poise and efficiency of a more experienced tour manager and leader. Joe deserves a standing ovation. Grace Smith, co-leader came up with the game of games and had everyone studying maps and learning the answers.

Happy travelers were: Helen Abbey, Faye Alexander, Muriel Aufderheide, Lois Baker, Ella Carrick, Florence Givens, Jane Hilt Earl & Dorothy Hollemand, Virginia Horton, Everta Hutchins, Jennelle Moorhead, Milton Moorhead, Charlotte Jenkins, Ted & Joy Jones, Joe & Ruth Jones, Mary Mallery, Frances Newsom, Dean & Pat Patterson, Reta Ridings, Frank & Sue Riemer, Margaret Silliman, Ernestine Schaffner, Edna Temple, Betty Waddell, Thelma Watson, Helen Weiser, Geraldine Fehly & Grace Smith, leaders.

Riders comments:

Have more “fellows” to make the girls happier. Visit Trojan Nuclear Area. Enjoyed the most courteous bus staff. Found a very able driver—with smooth sailing—a very safety-conscious individual. He knows how to bend a long bus around an impossible corner.

Conduct of Joe is superlative. He will grow up to be a “foine lad.” The new seating plan is excellent. It enables better co-mingling among the bashful maidens. This trip was done with “swell” tour Directors. —Frank & Sue Riemer.

Have all the future world fairs in Pacific Northwest. Found all accommodations excellent and time on bus well planned by games and rest stops. Have a portable desk to write this report on over rough roads. —Dean & Pat Patterson.

Fine trip. Joe and Don are great. Trip well planned with excellent accommodations. Let’s go often! I think the seat game is good and also that we had supervision without regimentation. —Florence and Muriel.

Driver and Joe very courteous. Enjoyed the nice new, clean motel and management. The Fair was very good and enlightening, a perfect time to visit the Fair, not too crowded and weather perfect. —Ernestime Schaffner & Everta Hutchins.

Above comments have said it. Amen to it all! How about a trip to San Francisco or Reno sometime!! —Betty Waddell.

Well-planned trip, good timing for EXPO, nice group. —Joe & Don A.

#1. —Charlotte Jenkins & Dorothy Romine.

Was a wonderful trip. Enjoyed every minute. Very good driver and tour director. —Ruth & Joe Jones.

Ditto to above. No complaints. (Ray Cavagnaro please note). —J.B & T.C. Jones.

Trip great. Enjoyed the Fair, Jefferson House, well-planned tour. Guide and driver very good—no adverse comments! Let’s repeat Lake Chelan trip sometime; also let’s go to San Francisco. —V. Horton.

This was a pleasant well-planned trip. Joe is a fine guide and “Mr. Henkle Sir” is a superlative driver. I liked the seating arrangements and Jefferson House was pleasant. —Ella Carrick.

Enjoyed the trip—well planned. Appreciated shuttle service to Fair. Great to be with such a delightful group of people. —Frances Newsom.

You have said it all. A real enjoyable trip and well managed. Enjoyed Jefferson House and the wonderful food. —Faye Alexander —Edna Temple.

Fine trip. One suggestion—would like to have living accommodations nearer to the restaurants. —H. Abbey.

Really enjoyed the trip. Jefferson House a nice place to stay. Joe did a good job of everything. Good planning for the trip. —Earl & Dorothy Holeman.

Trip was very well-planned and managed. No adverse comments whatsoever. Hope we can have another trip equally as pleasant in the future. —Lois Baker — Reta Ridings.

“Mr. Henkle Sir” is an excellent smooth driver. Joe is lots of fun. Jefferson House was a good selection. Thank you for shuttle service to Fair. “The Shack” was a good place to eat. I had the very best room mate from the whole group. The Fair was clean and instructive. It is a good time of year to attend. It would have been nice to have had a Washington map. I thoroughly enjoy these trips. Let’s go to N. Cascades, Vancouver B.C. or on a Puget Sound ferry trip. San Francisco would be nice too. Happy trippings and thanks to Gerry for her planning. —M. Silliman.

I was very pleased with the Jefferson House. It was, nice to have kitchen facilities. I would be interested in a North Cascade trip. This Comm. should be complimented for the planning. —Mary Mallery.

It was a terrific trip! Jefferson Hotel was excellent and all of the arrangements worked out well. I would like to go on another bus trip in to Northern Wash. or B.C. after the leaves turn. —J. Moorhead.

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