To Timberline and back

August 10-11, 1974

The weather was perfect, the air clean and refreshing and the mountain beautiful for the Obsidians and friends who spent Aug. 10 and 11 at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. One of the highlights in which all could participate was the tour of the Lodge. The Naturalist, Marty Immerman pointed out the construction of the massive rocks and timbers of the area. The work was done by the W.P.A. during the depression. The rocks were chiseled an fitted by hand, the timbers have weathered to a beautiful silver gray. Here is elaborate wrought iron work, much hand carving in Indian and animal designs and very interesting murals, all done on a massive scale as befits a mountain location. At that time labor was cheap—$2.00 a day for stone masons. Now on the new addition they get $9.00 an hour. At the time the building gave needed jobs to many and now it is a beautiful structure of which all can be proud.

A special treat for the coffee break and lunch time was coffee and doughnuts, courtesy of Bronsons. There is still some snow around the Lodge, but there are flowers on the bare spots and many enjoyed riding the chair lift. Marty led a group up a near-by ridge pointing out small details of the ecology which often go unnoticed. On trip: Rolf & Bertha Anderson, Muriel Aufderheide, Lois & Perry Baker, Ray Cavagnaro, Glayds Grancorvitz, Frankie Kardell, Margaret Markley, Frances Newsom, Ruth Nichols, Dean & Pat Patterson, Russel & Hazel Peck, Frank & Sue Riemer, Reta Ridings, Myrtle Smith, Helen Weiser, Marie Carstensen, Mary Carter, Reva Dildine, Irene Flynn, Opal Forrester, Marion Fulkerson, Mae Hishon, Karen Loretz, Julia Lounsberry, Lorena Martin, Joe Silence, Carma Stocker.

Our Bronson hosts, Ray and Joe made the trip enjoyable for every one. Leaders Frankie Kardell and Helen Weiser.

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