Sand Dunes

November 3, 1973

The beginning and the end of the trip was wet, but other than those two “one half hour sessions” the conditions were pleasant. The sand on the main ridge on which we usually travel, has been blown enough to interrupt the ridge at several places. At the beach, the level of the sand against the “beach dune” is six or seven feet higher than it usually has been; thus a lesser bank down to the beach and also a steeper slope to the surf line. This sand “fill” has covered most of the logs and floatsam, but plenty of fire wood is still there close by. We were there at approximately low tide. Those emptying sand out of their boots were— Helen Hughes, Henry Jeppesen, Margaret Markley, Ted Stern, Merle Traudt, Jon Thompson, Paula Vehrs, Gregory Wannier and the leader Clarence Landes.

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