Castle Rock

October 28, 1973

The group left town at about 9:15 am. under heavy skies and a bit of precipitation. Arrived at the 2 M trailhead at 10:45 and at the peak at 12 noon. The trail was easy and the weather tolerable for hiking but a wee bit cold and wet at the top with visibility nil. Clarence Landes got out his camp burner to use and made a pot of boiling water for a spot of tea. After 45 minutes everyone was set to leave which must have made the sun angry, because half way down he came through the clouds. Back at the cars by 2 p.m. and parting company cheerfully. Those who braved a little Oregon “Mist” were: Stan Banat, Elaine & Shelly Barnes, Clarence Landes, Lynne Miens, Annette & Glenn Miller, Parker Riddle, Merle Traudt, Roxanne Thompson and leader Paula Vehrs.

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