Bingham Lakes

September 30, 1973

“We found it! We found it!” That’s what we thought the members of the wagon train of 1853 might have exclaimed as they stopped at Pinwan Lake and got their first look at Crescent Lake. Well, that’s what we said when we finally found the fourth lake. The first lake had a broad avenue right across the middle. As we went across, we looked back to see if the Egyptians were after us. We took a compass sighting on the second lake and hit it right on the nose. Not so lucky on the next, but after reaching it there seemed mighty little evidence of humans having been there. No trails, no campfires, no sawed nor chopped trees, no trash. The color was nice, a little overcast, a little sun, and generally a very nice trip. On trip: Mary Bridgeman, Duchess & Bob & Kay Cox, Bob Capron, Chuck Haddad, Helen Smith, Ted Stern, Merle Traudt and the leader was Bob Cox.

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