Mushroom Field Trip

September 29, 1973

For most Obsidians mushrooming could be too tame. However, for those who enjoy mushrooms, the delicate taste of the wild varieties, as well as the search, can prove to be an enjoyable and intriguing experience. This was our first joint outing with the Mycological Society, so a close in spot, McGowan Creek, was our destination. Thirty of us left Eugene around 9:40 and were joined at the parking lot at 10:15 by more Obsidians, Mushroom Society members and guests. About 50 people scattered around the area with buckets, baskets and sacks. When we came back at 1 p.m. for lunch a great variety of mushrooms were displayed and identified — poisonous — non-poisonous and edible — in all colors, orange, brown, purple, white and black. We were grateful to the mushroom society experts who helped the beginners (Obsidians and guests) to become more familiar with wild mushrooms.

Budding Mycophagists included Adam Atherly, Helen Atherly, Mary Bridgeman, Jane Hilt, Joyce & Tom Knight, Dorothy Leland, Carol & Hank Plant, Elanna Portwood, Ed Streeter, Paula Vehrs, Helen Weiser, Dave & Linda & Mike & Mark & Cheryl Zevenbergen with Dorothy Leland as leader.

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