Rock Mesa

September 22-23, 1973

Four members braved the rain to see this unique area before the U. S. Pumice Co. gets their greedy hands on it. Hiked in to Rock Mesa, then followed the mining trail to its end along the mesa’s top. There we followed some signs of digging and a few tools. Camped around on the N.E side when we reached trees and water. Got a steady downpour the entire night—two of us stayed dry; two were miserable.

Packed up early in the morning and continued on around to the Skyline Trail. Followed this back across Wickiup Plains (not the friendliest spot in a downpour ) then back to the cars about noon. Everyone seemed to enjoy the trip in spite of the weather and wetness. On this miserable trip were Mary Bridgeman, Dorothy Hayes, Wes Prouty and leader Bert Ewing.

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