September 16, 1973

The Cowhorn Stampede. For some mysterious reason roughly half the population of the Willamette Valley decided to help break in the new trail from Windigo Pass to Cowhorn Mountain (South of Crescent Lake.)

The eager 33 who did the eight mile round trip by trail (30 climbed to the summit of 7664' Cowhorn) and enjoyed the “geological find” of a 45 1b. 23" X 10" lava bomb were: Chuck & Jim & Louise Berkey, Sloan Bertsch, Mary Bridgeman, John Cecil, Jeannette & Ken, Mitch & Sharon Daletas, Rich Freeman, Helen Hughes, Clarence Landes, Dorothy Leland, Margaret Markley, Ryoko McClellan, Herbert & Evelyn McCornack, Dave Rosenthall, Helen Smith, Stan Sweaten, Dorothy Turner, Jill Warrington, Glenn & Cindy Meares, Don Payne, Ken Ball, Gloria Hanan, Robert Olsen, Barbara & Don Sidener, Steve Shields and the leader Wes Prouty.

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